We tell it how it is!

Gambling can become an addiction, no matter whether online or offline. To play responsibly it is important to be aware of this risk. Inform yourself or seek free counselling.

With the “Know when to stop!“ initiative we want to send a message and raise people's awareness of this subject so that they look out for themselves and their fellow human beings and know whom they can turn to if there is a threat. All-round player protection, detailed nformation and professional support are our central concerns. Ultimately the safety of our guests is our top priority.

Our responsibility

We know that our products involve risks. That’s why they are only for adults! Nevertheless gambling addiction can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, origin or status. According to the latest scientific studies, young adults are particularly at risk of developing problematic gambling behaviour. We believe it is our responsibility to monitor this closely. To do this we have an expert team of trained player protection officers who are on hand to offer the people affected and their dependants help and advice. Although this safeguard is in place we still ask every single guest to be aware of the risks and to control their gambling behaviour.

Do the self-test

Gambling problems need to be taken seriously. Recognising that there is a problem and intervening at an early stage can prevent personal and financial damage. Be honest with yourself and check whether you still have control over your gambling behaviour – quickly, anonymously and, of course, for free.

Powerful motifs with clear message

Within the framework of our player protection initiative we ensure that the necessary attention is given with powerful and unambiguous motifs in the internet and on postcards in the vicinity of our casinos and provide information on player protection services and counselling centres.

Theme 1

Time to call a spade a spade!

Theme 2

Stack the deck in your favour!

Theme 3

No more aces up your sleeve?

Theme 4

Time to put your cards on the table!

It is important to know your limits

Gambling can be an entertaining leisure pastime, although risk is an ever present element. You have a chance of winning, but there is always a possibility that you might lose money. Remember that all gambling involves luck or chance, over which you have no control. We are pleased if you enjoy our products and feel at home with us. However, we realise there is a danger that some people may unconsciously lose control over their gambling behaviour.

How to ensure that gambling stays fun:

  • Set your personal limit. Consider how much time and money you can invest without thereby neglecting other things.
  • Do not try to compensate for your gaming losses by raising the stake. There is no guarantee of winning!
  • Take breaks from playing so that you can keep a clear head,
  • and remember that gambling is not a good strategy for taking your mind off problems.

Prevention is our top priority

WestSpiel Casinos have been responsibly offering state licensed gambling since 1976. We protect our guests from fraudulent practices and from exploitation of their gaming instinct through disreputable and illegal gaming products. To achieve maximum gaming security, we also use state-of-the-art technology in addition to the obvious checks and continuously analyse national and international developments.

Effective addiction prevention and player protection already starts with the ID check before entering the slot machine and traditional gaming areas. This ensures that persons under 18 years as well as barred players are refused entry. Therefore, please keep your ID with you when you visit one of our casinos.

Player Protection Hotline (German):

Should you suspect that you or a friend or acquaintance has developed a problem with gambling, please contact the Player Protection Hotline:

0800 937877435

(free and anonymous)

Monday to Friday 10.00 am – 4.00 pm

This central advice and information hotline is operated by the Landeskoordinierungsstelle Glücksspielsucht NRW (NRW Regional Coordination Office for Gambling Addiction). For further information please go to www.gluecksspielsucht-nrw.de


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Whether in North Rhine-Westphalia or Bremen – all the sites of the WestSpiel Group are fully and completely committed to player protection. Our casinos always offer their guests fair and, above all, legal recreational enjoyment.